Today marks the anniversary of a crisis that almost ended my marriage. Instead, it was redeemed by your help and the grace you gave me on that first phone call. I will forever be grateful and wanted you to know our marriage is strong than ever. We are coming up on 10 years this summer, thanks to you. Love you, friend”

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...everything you've been looking for in a group of mothers that aren't looking to compare, but rather to lift each other up. Whether you're a single mom of 1, married mom of 10, or just starting your journey in both, this is the place for you!

This is a non-judgment zone, where you will never feel "less than" or that you're doing it all wrong.

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Failure. That is what I was feeling the day I reached out to Marriah. We made an appointment for the 30 minute call which then turned into 3 months of diving deep into my marriage, motherhood and life. While in recovery to repair my marriage from a devastating affair, raising children and progressing through life, I found myself drowning. Drowning in sorrow, pain, past failures, overwhelm and not really sure why? At this point my marriage was far better than before, my beautiful children were healthy and happy but yet I was still drowning. Through our discovery work, Marriah helped me realize my emotional addiction to the pain felt from the affair and past experiences. We also worked on accepting the boundaries that needed to be set for my peace and happiness in our family dynamic. Marriah’s vulnerability made it easy to open up to her and feel heard. She was in reach at my fingertips any time I felt triggered or had a rough day with my kids. I loved this because she would ask me questions that would shift my perspective to help me move forward toward peace in that moment. It was just what I was in need of at that point of my journey.

Hello, I'm Marriah!

I've been married for nine years and have five children. After battling depression and anxiety after the birth of my 5th child, I decided to take back my life, start putting myself first, and choose joy even in the chaos.

Through this journey, I rediscovered the joy of motherhood, happiness in my marriage, and founded Mamas and Marriages to show other moms that you are not alone. You can find joy, happiness, and peace even in the midst of chaos while raising little ones.